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So basically, many things have happened and most of them are crap (except one or two which are awesome) but what the fuck do I care right now because I've (forcibly) discovered Game of Thrones.

As it happens, I have been meaning to watch for ages because the cast is amazeballs and I kept being told how good it was by randomers online. Now I have been made to sit down and watch the first two episodes (rather than one episode from mid series two *glares in the general direction of Lyss*) I actually sort of know what's going on, and I am in serious need of more.

So. From someone who has not read the books, (but clearly I will get around to it in the not-so distant future because, dude, me and books, we tight) and has only seen the first two episodes of series one, here are some things I have learned about Game of Thrones...

1. Approximately three quarters of the men in this show are fantastically pretty. (The rest are pretty much all amazing British actors. Which is not to say that the pretty ones aren't amazing, British, or great actors too, because fuck yeah, we have some motherfuckin' talent in this country. It's also not to say that the rest are particularly unattractive either, it's just that there are some shiny, pretty faces out there.)
2. Winter is Coming.
3. George R. R. Martin is not to be trusted.
4. Joffrey is a little shit and should be set on fire at the earliest possible opportunity.
5. Tyrion Lannister is the Bro I will never have. And that makes me sad, since he is clearly the person I would most like to have a truly EPIC pub (and brothel) crawl with. (Tyrion is into lasciviousness, liquor and literature. OF COURSE HE IS MY FAVOURITE.)

6. Anyone can and will die. (I was serious about not trusting George.)
7. I want a Direwolf. Even though I actively dislike dogs.
8. No, really, winter is totes coming. Ned said so.
9. When Cat says don't do stuff, Bran should damn well listen. (I know it's not his fault exactly, but he still shouldn't have been up there.)
10. Cersei is clearly out of her goddamn mind. (Seriously, Mark Addy is a lovely bloke. And Jamie is your brother woman, your *Brother*!)

11. Arya is more badass than pretty much everyone else.
12. I mentioned the pretty men, right? Have you seen Kit Harington? And Nicolaj Coster-Waldau? And Harry Lloyd? And Peter Dinklage? And Richard Madden? *fans self* And that's not even getting into the whole Sean Bean thing. (Or the Rog thing.)
13. The hotter a woman is on this show, the more batshit, useless or stupid she is. (Hence Cersei and Denerys being stunning, but a mental case and a doormat respectively, and Cat being made to look much plainer (Michelle Fairley is so not plain) and being the 'only sane woman'. Though actually, it does look kinda like she's about to start something, so maybe time will tell on that one.) I believe, however, that this may get better over time. I hear good things from the interwebs. Also amongst my friendship group I would in no way hear the end of it if there was raging sexism involved in a show that I liked. *coughSupernaturalcough*
14. It doesn't matter how brief and appearance he puts into a show, I will always do a tiny happy flail whenever Roger Allam comes on screen. (I have heard all the things before. No, I don't care what you think. Yes, I do know who I'm talking about. I've met the man and he is funny, charming and basically brilliant, so shut your faces.)
15. The kids are beyond brilliant. I know it's a bit weird to to flail about them when everyone else is all dramatic and doing stuff, but I really do have a soft spot for all the kids in this show (barring Joffrey because he isn't a little kid and he is a massive twatwaffle). There's Arya, Bran and Rickon for the Starks, and the two more well-adjusted Lannister/Baratheon kids, Myrcella and Tommen. And I just think they're great. I know it's odd, but I kinda feel like Tommen and Rickon ought to be total mini-bros. And then in my au, happy, totally-not-run-by-George version of the world Arya, Bran and Myrcella hang out together and learn awesome stuff from Jon. (And then Sansa beats seven bells out of Joffrey with her embroidery.) Yeah. So... My brain.


Anywho, that's well enough and I need to be a-packing up and sleeping so I can get up early enough in the morning that I won't sleep through awesome Sunday lunch.

Strangely, things aren't looking so fucking grim and pain-filled as they usually do. You caught me on a good day I guess. Things certainly aren't looking up of late, but I don't at this particular moment feel like doing something intensely stupid. Swings and roundabouts I guess.
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