Apr. 7th, 2013

plum177: A still from Criminal Minds showing Reid in trouble while JJ and Garcia laugh behind him. Text reads: 'Shenanigans'. (CM - Shenanigans!)
So basically, many things have happened and most of them are crap (except one or two which are awesome) but what the fuck do I care right now because I've (forcibly) discovered Game of Thrones.

As it happens, I have been meaning to watch for ages because the cast is amazeballs and I kept being told how good it was by randomers online. Now I have been made to sit down and watch the first two episodes (rather than one episode from mid series two *glares in the general direction of Lyss*) I actually sort of know what's going on, and I am in serious need of more.

So. From someone who has not read the books, (but clearly I will get around to it in the not-so distant future because, dude, me and books, we tight) and has only seen the first two episodes of series one, here are some things I have learned about Game of Thrones...

List of Thrones )


Anywho, that's well enough and I need to be a-packing up and sleeping so I can get up early enough in the morning that I won't sleep through awesome Sunday lunch.

Strangely, things aren't looking so fucking grim and pain-filled as they usually do. You caught me on a good day I guess. Things certainly aren't looking up of late, but I don't at this particular moment feel like doing something intensely stupid. Swings and roundabouts I guess.


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