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Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D - Plum's List

Cut because of Spoilers for Series 1 Episode 6 - "F.Z.Z.T.".

(I'm Serious, if you don't want to be spoiled, read no further.)

Back after the week of hiatus for what reason only Joss can say, but I am catching back up again, so here goes!

1. Yay! We start with an episode of Are You Afraid of the Dark instead of our regularly scheduled SHIELD broadcast.
2. It's okay boys, you're in a Faraday cage, it's safe from lightning. Geeze, don't you teach scouts anything?
3. Good job. You got out of the Faraday cage, fine, and you took the children with you why exactly?
4. He doesn't sweat, he glistens? Like a pregnant woman? I... I don't think this physical is such a great idea.
5. N'aw. Coulson being parenty at Simmons is too adorable. I really don't need to OBHWF this mother, do I?

6. Bland is being pushy at Fitz. And I am NOT shipping. Nossir.
7. Oh god. Firstly, now Skye isn't being all weird and traitorous I like her a lot better suddenly and secondly Fitz is flailing wildly to get out of girl talk time and that greatly amuses me.
8. Simmons there proving that she and Fitz are definitely not psychically linked in any way. Nope.
9. I'm actually approving a lot of her bonding with the younger kids. They have to stick together so they can troll Bland like there's no tomorrow.
10. Straight faces all round guys. Straight faces. Yeeeeep. (Naughty, naughty children.)

11. Lol, yes Skye, what we want to do here is poke it with a stick. Perfect solution!
12. Yes it still bugs me. No I don't want to talk about it when they're being adorable flustered geeks at the same time.
13. I realise she probably didn't just say 'hell if I know', but I don't care. In my mind now, Simmons gets to hang out with Darcy and awesome badass shit goes down. And shopping. What, you think Simmons looks that stylish by accident, hah, no.
14. Ohcrapohcrapohcrap. There was a spark and it jumped into Simmons and Oh No!
15. Huh. I would not have pegged Skye as a fan of The Dude. Then again.

16. May interrogates boy-scouts by offering them cookies and not I cannot help but imagine Russell sitting there swing his feet and staring at May. Oh god, this should clearly happen. Milliways, don't fail me now.
17. Aw, the kids are bickering. (I really do have too much love for stuff like this.)
18. "It's happening again." "It's Science Fitz, I have to dissect it!" *squeeshes them both*
19. I forget what that guy's called with the green and yellow and the zapping powers... But it's he one of Spidey's punchbags?
20. Return of the hoverbots and they are Fitz' babies and I aw. Again. Dammit, why is tiny-tech so freakin' cute?

21. I find Fitz' objection to dead bodies far too amusing. I should be on his side.
22. Okay, that makes sense. But why are you staying in the room with the dude who's just about to turn into a lightning storm Coulson?
23. *wibbles* Oh Philip, please stop making me go all woobieface. It's undignified. D:
24. Papa Coulson is going to need a bff hug from Momma May asap.
25. And now this is looking all kinds of Indiana Jones-ish. Or is that Warehouse 13?

26. Either way, it's another Chekov's gun for the armoury.
27. I am having squishy feelings for the Broship of May and Coulson. They so adorable.
28. OH GODS, PLEASE FIX IT NO! I knew that spark was trouble. Didn't I say so? There's still 15 mins of episode left, so fixitfixitfixit.
29. I am trying to be rational and not just a fangirl and write out how all the feels, but really I am having trouble being coherent and not just wailing 'nooooooo' at the telly. Fitz and Simmons in despair are too many sad siblingfaces for me to deal with rn.
30. The floaty rats are kinda making me want to laugh, but mostly I just feel bad.

31. And now they're yelling at each other and I am on the verge of tears. So close. Oh god. Please don't do this to me show, I only meant for you to be fun.
32. This list might now dissolve into squeaks and wails while Fitz is being a damn stupid brilliant Gryffindork. Stupid, lovely, brave, idiot boy. *squeeshes*
33. Am now crying whilst squealing at the telly. Congrats show, you broke me. Those two and their Gryffindorkery deserve each other. Now FIX THINGS. Or Else.
34. Papa Coulson is cross that you are a Massive Gryffindork but happy that you are alive so please never break him like that again and I am still squealing and snuffling.
35. Oh my god this fucking show.

36. I am starting to think this show ships May and Coulson and I wish they just let them be Bros.
37. The same with Fitz and Simmons. Because they are massively siblings and I just can't deal with anything else with them.
38. This Post-credits is set in the nonspecific desert. It's cool, Nathan Drake is in an abandoned town three miles over, full of mercenaries for no adequately explored reason.
39. Sorry, did you just threaten Coulson's family? Yeah, that was smart of you. Oh no, wait...
40. ...And don't touch Lola.

Will be added later, but right now I just wanna get this bitch posted.

In Summary - All the feels. And my attempts to convey more than that have failed because it is late and I am exhausted.
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