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So I recently decided it'd be a great idea to get a Dreamwidth account, what with so much fic being up on here these days and having to tell the stupid bot that yes, I am over 18 every time I click between chapters, and also what with half of the population of lj having taken a nosedive right into dw I felt I should protect the good name (hah!) of plum and make sure it was mine.

So here I am.

I doubt I shall say much, and I really doubt that I'll go off an look for people to talk to on dee-doubleyou, but stranger things have happened, and if you recognise me/my name from el-jay, feel free to add me, just don't expect me to be incredibly communicative.

As it is, right at this particular moment in time I'm tired and I've been watching Band of Brothers (something that always drains me a bit emotionally) and reading heart-wrenching stories. Thus I am surlier than I may ordinarily be. Ignore it. It passes.

Also I've been stuck on for the past few weeks and I'm a little bit out of touch with the world, since I've been bouncing indiscriminately between education and the internet, and any people I may have bumped into in the mean time have been purely incidental. I mean I see my housemates and stuff, and we did have folks 'round on Friday, but right now it all seems quite hollow and weird.

Which isn't the point, and is probably the combination of SAD and insomnia talking...

Anyway, I'm going to go now and leave this as a joyous reminder that I have no reason to be here and don't expect anyone to read or find it.

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