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A Wild Second Post has appeared.

I'm planning (oh god why do I do this to myself) on writing a BigBang. I've signed up and everything. Promised at least 5,000 words of story from my own brain.

I cannot see this ending well, but seeing as I have to type the damn thing up as I go along (because I will almost certainly be writing it longhand first) as well as the fact that no one I know IRL will be in any way interested in the content of the fic, given both fandom and chosen pairing (seriously, why?) so I am rather stranded with it. The upshot of all this is that I will probably be posting it here under lock and key while I get myself sorted out with it. This will also mean that I get the formatting right when I have to post it for real. I will have cheerleaders and betas and things. I will get this done gorram.

...I think the person I most need to convince on this score is me. *sigh*

ETA: I'm well aware of how not-daunting a task writing 5,000 words is if you're used to it. I'm also well aware of the fact that I'm clearly just a whiny prick, but it feels like an insurmountable quantity even though what's more likely than me not being able to pull 5,000 words out of my ass is that I'll easily get to 5,000 and find I still have a shit-load of story left to tell, and that's when I'll run out of steam and ideas.


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