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The Way of the Spoon

...Because you never know when you might need a spoon.

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Birthdate:Jul 5
Location:United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Copy/pasted from my lj. It's worked for ages, don't see why I should change it now...

"i got started doing the interests and wondered how i could possibly squeeze all the best bits of my life into one-word-answers but i managed to start and i couldn't stop. i got a lot of it down, but i'll do my best to elaborate here and fill in some gaps...

i am a geek, but an all 'round geek, plus i'm not as geeky as i want to be at some of the things that i do. i read webcomics too numerous to mention in passing. sadly i can't do anything to a computer except open it up and stare at the innards, which is something i would quite like to rectify at some point.

i'm a fan of randomness and complete strangeness, i like it when i see things like adverts for jam or people who have hair that's an interesting colour. i love to laugh, and i love to learn. according to the internet i don't exist on at least five counts, so that might be a reason for me having far too many rpg accounts. afterall, if i can't exist myself, then i might as well create a whole load of other people who don't exist either.

i am also an afficionado of lots of different kinds of music (mostly loud), and i listen to my playlists mostly, which have a huge mixture of styles and tones.

i read constantly, and it's almost certain to either be fantasy, scifi or just plain weird. i love Pratchett, Gaiman, Tom Holt, Robert Rankin, Stephen Fry, George Manville Fenn, Agatha Christie, and a LOT of others. in fact i have so many books my bedroom might as well be a library and i'm running out of space. if you ever want to know book-wise then just ask. it's easier.

i also read manga comics and proper comics and graphic novels (see above paragraph concerning books).

i watch telly and dvds, i go to the pictures sometimes, basically i do the normal boring sort of stuff everyone does. i have more friends than i've ever had before at the moment, and i do love being able to talk to people about things that we both understand instead of having to talk to myself about it."

So it goes.

Interests (144):

50's b-movies, 80's hair, aquila, arthur dent, avenger penguins, aziraphale, band of brothers, bare feet, being nocturnal, beta-ing, blue hair, blue smarties, bobby singer, books, c:knd, calvinball, cardiff, chocolate, coffee smell, comic books, cosgrove hall, cough syrup at 4am, crowley, dangermouse, dara o'briain, david dixon, dexter fletcher, die hard, discworld, doctor who, dresden codak, duckula, ed byrne, edgar wright, encyclopedia, fanservice, fantasy, ford prefect, geek conventions, geekness, gigs, godzuki vs mothra, good omens, green hair, greg proops, greg rucka, having regrets, heavenly creatures, hhgttg, hignfy, hobbit feet, horror movies, hot emo girls, hot fuzz, house md, hugh laurie, indie, insomnia, invader zim, jack daniels, james may, jeffrey dean morgan, john simm, jon richardson, julian barratt, life on mars, linkara, m c escher, maths, milliways until 6am, misha collins, mitch benn, molly hayes, monty python's flying circus, motion city soundtrack, my apprentice, my friends, my idiot sibs, neil delamere, neil gaiman, nick frost, ninjas, p. g. wodehouse, parkour, paul di filippo, paul merton, peter jackson, philology, philosophy, pirates, playing cards, pointy ears, press gang, punk, purple hair, qi, quantum singularity, questionable content, rat pack, reading, red dwarf, red hair, richard vranch, robot armies of doom, rock n roll, rockabilly, ross noble, rube goldberg devices, russell howard, sam and fuzzy, sam storyteller, sauntering vaguely downwards, shaun of the dead, simon jones, simon pegg, sinatra, ska, skinny be-spectacled geek boys, slash, snuggling, sonics, spaced, steampunk, stephen fry, tea, terry pratchett,, the darwin awards, the fast show, the goon show, the mighty boosh, the pantheon, the spoony one, the weekenders, theatre, tony slattery, top gear, twister ice lollies, university, urban gothic, webcomics, weta, wliia uk, zombies
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