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Okay, so with the viewing of episodes 3 and 4, rule 13 is no longer in effect.

13. The hotter a woman is on this show, the more batshit, useless or stupid she is. (Hence Cersei and Daenerys being stunning, but a mental case and a doormat respectively, and Cat being made to look much plainer (Michelle Fairley is so not plain) and being the 'only sane woman'. Though actually, it does look kinda like she's about to start something, so maybe time will tell on that one.) I believe, however, that this may get better over time. I hear good things from the interwebs.

This is due to several factors. Daenerys apparently has a spine now. And I like that. Though I must say, mostly I like that she smacked Viserys in the face and made him bleed. Cersei continues to be a raging mental bitch. (Yes, okay, I can see that Robert is basically a crap husband since he does what he wants and damn everyone else, and he has always been and is still in love with Ned's dead sister, but she could at least not be so fucking Slytherin about it all. ...Mostly I just blame her for Joffrey, though negligent Robert and Jamie the wanker can't have helped.) And now Cat's gone and done something very, very stupid, so away the merry-go-round spins.

Next episode to watch in the am some time. Right now I shall sleep and dream of the awesomeness that is Arya kicking the shit out of Joffrey. ...In my mind.
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