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So between my perusal of the archives of fandomsecrets, Welcome to Night Vale and watching Series One of Hannibal before it disappears off the Sky+, my nights have been fairly full of late...

Mostly things are fine except for the back injury which has rather stranded me in terms of being able to do anything besides hobble around like a 90 year old or lie flat on my back. In order to fix my back therefore, I have been taking long walks at night because fuck knows the damn dog doesn't get nearly enough exercise, so even a stroll with me is always beneficial, and it stretches out my lumbar muscles in a way that helps. Walking during the day is a really bad plan what with possible work colleagues being abroad in the world and going 'Oi, aren't you meant to be laid up at the minute?', even though walking was actually suggested by the doctor, and also my pesky aversion to sunlight. I'm not a vampirist mental or anything, I just prefer not to be seen by other people because their eyes are everywhere watching oh god, and it's just easier to be unseen at night. Aaand oops, my antisocial behaviour and SAD are showing.

In addition to walking around at night, listening to Welcome to Night Vale (because the only things that make walking the dog at 3am spookier are Cecil Baldwin's monotonous foreboding tones directly in your ears) I have also been spending a lot of my time with a very hot heat pad resting up against my spine. This helps a great deal, although I am getting twinges across my shoulders, and I kinda wish I just had a toasty warm jumper. Or just better musculature.

As well then, as the creeptastic and frankly wonderful Welcome to Night Vale to keep me safe and warm at night, I have been watching through Series One of Hannibal. And for anyone whose body-horror-squick threshold is high, I would absolutely recommend it. To any film students also. I have the irrational urge to perform scene analysis on various parts of it. It's utterly beautiful in terms of set and lighting and just all the things.

I really desperately want to pull a scene (any will do) of Will and Hannibal in Hannibal's office, or Hannibal and anyone in the dining room, or Hannibal and his shrink in her office and just do some proper mise-en-scene on that shit. The set, the shots, the lighting, the colour filters, the music (diegetic and non) the whole lot are just totally geared towards bringing out various aspects of character. The costumes are perfect for the moods. Unf. I really want to film student all over this show.

Sorry. I've always been a geek about the making of stuff, and though I did study film, it wasn't for long enough to get any kind of qualification, and I really regret that actually, because holy crap is that stuff interesting. I would dearly like to retake the class I did before and finish it. If I ever do, I'll let you know.

In other news, the next Agents of SHIELD list-review will be coming along some time tomorrow. Enjoy.

And Good Night Out There. Whatever You Are.
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So basically, many things have happened and most of them are crap (except one or two which are awesome) but what the fuck do I care right now because I've (forcibly) discovered Game of Thrones.

As it happens, I have been meaning to watch for ages because the cast is amazeballs and I kept being told how good it was by randomers online. Now I have been made to sit down and watch the first two episodes (rather than one episode from mid series two *glares in the general direction of Lyss*) I actually sort of know what's going on, and I am in serious need of more.

So. From someone who has not read the books, (but clearly I will get around to it in the not-so distant future because, dude, me and books, we tight) and has only seen the first two episodes of series one, here are some things I have learned about Game of Thrones...

List of Thrones )


Anywho, that's well enough and I need to be a-packing up and sleeping so I can get up early enough in the morning that I won't sleep through awesome Sunday lunch.

Strangely, things aren't looking so fucking grim and pain-filled as they usually do. You caught me on a good day I guess. Things certainly aren't looking up of late, but I don't at this particular moment feel like doing something intensely stupid. Swings and roundabouts I guess.
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So I recently decided it'd be a great idea to get a Dreamwidth account, what with so much fic being up on here these days and having to tell the stupid bot that yes, I am over 18 every time I click between chapters, and also what with half of the population of lj having taken a nosedive right into dw I felt I should protect the good name (hah!) of plum and make sure it was mine.

So here I am.

I doubt I shall say much, and I really doubt that I'll go off an look for people to talk to on dee-doubleyou, but stranger things have happened, and if you recognise me/my name from el-jay, feel free to add me, just don't expect me to be incredibly communicative.

As it is, right at this particular moment in time I'm tired and I've been watching Band of Brothers (something that always drains me a bit emotionally) and reading heart-wrenching stories. Thus I am surlier than I may ordinarily be. Ignore it. It passes.

Also I've been stuck on for the past few weeks and I'm a little bit out of touch with the world, since I've been bouncing indiscriminately between education and the internet, and any people I may have bumped into in the mean time have been purely incidental. I mean I see my housemates and stuff, and we did have folks 'round on Friday, but right now it all seems quite hollow and weird.

Which isn't the point, and is probably the combination of SAD and insomnia talking...

Anyway, I'm going to go now and leave this as a joyous reminder that I have no reason to be here and don't expect anyone to read or find it.



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