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Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D - Plum's List

Cut because of Spoilers for Series 1 Episode 1.

(I'm Serious, if you don't want to be spoiled, read no further.)

So this is the list of my reactions during the episode, in order and edited to add clarification over characters.

Okay, Firstly - Luke Cage, I motherfucking knew it!
2. I knew Coulson was in this, but I wasn't sure of when it was happening exactly, so all of those fics where Coulson is pissed with Fury for wrecking his trading cards? Totally Legit Truth now.
3. Oh, my gosh, wait, clone Coulson?!? I can def see Fury being that much of a sneaky bastard, but *flails*...
4. No. No. He has to be Luke Cage. It's not fair. J. August Richards is too awesome to be some other randomer. *pouts*
5. Lola is so shiny, oh-em-gee, WANT.

6. Man I hope Rising Tide is actually just that one chick in the van. I would laugh so hard.
7. Okay, so now there's a weird implant thingy. And he's really not Luke Cage. Fine. Whatever. *sulks*
8. Aw, Fitz has tiny laser robots. Dude that's adorable.
9. Oh yes. So satisfying. It could only have been better if Coulson had tased stupid Agent Smug [Agent Grant Ward].
10. Followed immediately by the sting of 'oh noes, please make him stop talking'.

11. Oh no. The secret weird alien implant thingy is making him crazy. How very unexpected. /sarcasm
12. Okay, worst way of creating superheroes ever. Seriously, all the superthings in a blender? No.
13. Extremis. Really?
14. Okay, I know this is petty, and I suppose I ought to have said it before what with the plane and everything, but no. Why are there massive SHIELD logos on all the car doors? They shouldn't be there. I know they're not currently undercover or anything, but seriously, what's with all that? (At least it's not as bad as Torchwood.)
15. Coulson is adorable at small children, yes, but really, the kid's actual, real name is Ace?

16. ...And from a single appreciative glance I now ship Agent May and soon-to-be Agent VanChick [Skye]. My brain is wrong.
17. And then everyone exchanged significant glances and there was jam for tea, the end. No wait...
18. Knew she'd get offered the gig.
19. Lola! Oh that car. I maintain that she is def a Daddy Stark product. Because of reasons.
20. So all in all, things. Lots of things. Different things.

Post-Ep Reaction Discussion with friends... (WMG goes here.)

1. OMG LMD Coulson is the most likely explanation OMG!!!!
2. Aw sadface for J not being Luke Cage. Or was he? Dun Dun DUH!!! (It's a stretch, but Skye did delete his whole backstory or something. I hmmm.)
3. All I know is that Tahiti wasn't Tahiti. (Could it have been Tahiti Tahiti? /Cabin Pressure Reference)
4. Agent Smug? More like Agent Bland. (Not me, but I totes agree.)
5. Melinda May wins the 'Best New Agent' poll With 4/6 votes from my friends that I asked.

Answers from the 'Which comic character do you want to guest?' were mixed to say the least, Steven Strange, Doombots, Captain Marvel (Carol), The Runaways, Squirrel Girl, Jessica Jones, Nick Fury (obvs) and of course, the Avengers themselves all came up as candidates.

In other news, I am now imagining this conversation occurring between Mike Peterson and his son, Ace:

"Son, sit down, I want to tell you a story about the woman who you're named after."

"Wait, what? Dad! I'm named after a girl? That's the least cool thing ever. Urgh."

"She used to make her own explosives and once beat seven kinds of shit out of an alien robot using only a baseball bat."

"...Okay. I'm listening..."

And that has been your update. Hopefully this show will entice me into posting more regularly. Already I'm planning on doing this every week, so, yeah. Note: I live in the UK, and we don't get the episodes til the Friday after the Tuesday when they air in the States. Spoilers for the episode under discussion are fine in the comments, but none for the next episode please. Cheers!
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