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Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D - Plum's List

Cut because of Spoilers for Series 1 Episode 2 - "0-8-4".

(I'm Serious, if you don't want to be spoiled, read no further.)

The Second week of Things I was Thinking as I Watched This Episode has arrived! Again, these are in order, and aren't changed except to add emphasis or the character's actual name.

1. Did I just see a Hulk? No really, that was green and I'm sure that said 'Hulk'. Okay...
2. Ooh, are we getting Shulkie? That would be so cool!
3. The plane art is less glaringly irritating to me now. Is it less obvious, or am I just getting used to it?
4. Omg, a pod, I want one! Random fact: Despite having a fairly crippling claustrophobic reaction when in spaces that are small and also dark, I have always wanted to try one of those pod hotels in Japan. It's like living in the future. All I need is a tablet and I'd be fine.
5. Why are we talking about the stabby death? I do not want. Sadface.

6. Tahiti. It's a magical place. I have so much foreboding right now.
7. Wait. Does he say it's a magical place every time it's mentioned? And this is why I'm keeping the eps in the Sky+. Checking!
8. So Peru... Are we looking for Paddington? No, wait, Incans. Tintin?
9. Ooh, hot, French-accented Indiana Jones. Bonus. Though I don't imagine he'll be allowed to stick around for long. Boo. (He did not stick around. I disapproved.)
10. Yay! More tiny flying robots of adorable.

11. And Agent Bland [Agent Grant Ward] thinks dressing like James Dean is working for him. Sadly, no.
12. Agent May, proving that she is the most badass. Lol, Bland, she has as many guns as she has appendages to fire them with, stop being an idiot.
13. Agent Lara Croft, I presume? Nope, it's Phil's smoking hot, badass Peruvian ex-girlfriend [Camilla Reyes]. A-Boo. Yah.
14. Bland is being an idiot Gryffindor and doing before he thinks. In other news, Fitz saying photons in his Scottish accent makes me immediately think Star Trek. Sorry. I'm well conditioned.
15. Back to back badasses. I know my TV Tropes baby. Oh man. I am shipping again.

16. Gamma. So we are coming back to the Hulk again. Oh please let us be building up to Camilla the Awesome becoming Shulkie.
17. Coulson doesn't think of May as an underling then, he thinks of her as a respected colleague. Further proving her awesomeness. Because let's be honest, Coulson is a legend. Most of the people he works with are nowhere near as badass, and being on his respected persons list means that May is at least as badass as Maria Hill.
18. N'aww, the children are bickering. Also, well done Fitz for standing up to Agent Bland. And Simmons panicking is actually kind of adorable. Oh kiddies. Papa Coulson will fix it. Bless.
19. Oh there is so much less ex about the status of that relationship than it first appeared.
20. Now children. No more fighting.

21. Actually he is a rocket wizard? (/Discworld reference)
22. Hah, Skye is lamer than everyone else.
23. And so the Grand Tour begins. In the background. And I am more pleased than I should be by that.
24. Oh please don't get him to take his shirt off. My eyes do not want Bland-ipples.
25. Aww, she calls him Philip and he is a nerd.

26. Oh. Oh no. Damn it. Phil has Ducky syndrome. But why does awesome hot ex have to turn out to be sinister? *sulks*
27. Okay, and your smartest plan is to knock out the pilot of the plane you are flying in. Yeah. So bright.
28. No! Don't hurt Fitz! :( ...But also, yay for not being obvious and using Simmons as the immediate hostage just because she's a girl.
29. Okay, so my first thought is that at least Skye (and probably everyone else too) knows that Lola can fly, and no one has suggested just climbing in and waiting for the villains to punt them out the back of the plane before just going all supercar on them. I can only imagine that they're too terrified of what Coulson will say if they touch Lola without asking.
30. Told you she was badass. Also, holy shit, did she just dislocate her wrist? Fuck. Can you dislocate your wrist? I don't even know, but fuck.

31. Those are some really poor knots, lady. Sorry to tell you what everyone else already knows, but he can get out of that.
32. Afterlife crisis is totally valid.
33. Can we just all agree that May and her awesome badassery is totally hot and then I don't have to keep saying it?
34. Can't believe I didn't mention it before, dude, the three-pad tablet rigs, like a multi-screen desk setup, please can they be the next big thing? I need that to be the way of the future. Like one tablet isn't enough, we totally need a surround of them pleaseandthankyou.
35. Also, you have no idea how much I love the fact that those tables with the touchscreen monitors are actually real. We are genuinely living in the future right now guys. It's so amazing!

36. Oh. It said hull breach. That makes way more sense than Hulk. Idiot.
37. That said, I'm not entirely sure that this is what happens in the case of explosive decompression. (Then again, I've never been in a plane while it was happening, so I could be wrong.)
38. All the things. All the actiony awesome, knot-tying, ass-kicking, dinghy-inflating, face-punching things.
39. Oh god, Phil's tie is all askew. I am having feels.
40. No, Ward, that was not May's look of you should go for it bro, that was May's look of I'll fight you for her. The grin was her knowing she'll win.

41. N'aw, team bonding. Mostly.
42. Thanks for that. Now I have goggles on Ward and Fitz. Feh.
43. Oooooh. Sinister. Intrigue. Betrayal. Totally unexpected. Yep.
44. Hi Nick! Aw, sorry about your plane. Phil can fix that! (We can do zis!)
45. Hee, fishtank, and we end on a lol. :)

...And done.

More than twice as many as last week, and I'm sure a lot of them are unnecessary, but whatevs bitches. I didn't get to conduct a poll this week, because of various reasons, but I will try to get one going next week.

In lieu of the poll though, have some spoilery WMG chatter:

Post-Ep Reaction Discussion with Friends...

1. The more we see of Melinda May, the more we adore her. Also she is the Slayer.
2. Everyone loves Dork!Coulson
3. Somewhere out there is a collection of rockets heading for the sun with a bunch of different superpowered doohickeys in them and we're all totally fine with that because nothing can possibly go wrong.
4. The Rising Tide = Hydra or AIM based group pretending to be grassroots to recruit people like Skye to their cause.
5. SURPRISE Fury! Out of a cake. I have this image in my mind and it won't go away. It is glorious.

Mostly what I've noticed is that I'm going to need another AoS icon so I can alternate, otherwise my journal is going to start looking weird and far, far too similar. Or maybe I should just use whatever icon fits the episode best. Hmm. All the posts are going to be tagged and flagged anyway. YES! This is a thing I will now do.
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