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Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D - Plum's List

Cut because of Spoilers for Series 1 Episode 4 - "Eye Spy".

(I'm Serious, if you don't want to be spoiled, read no further.)

Week Four of Stuff I Typed While Watching. You know the drill. Not changed. In order.

1. Still never getting used to the Marvel logo coming down in front of the show. I keep expecting a film. That said, I admit to a little buzz of squee as it flickers on my tellyscreen. I am but a simple fangirl afterall. :)
2. Oh crikey, that's the most sinister looking flashmob I've ever seen. Eesh.
3. Oh I would not be comfortable getting on that train with those people.
4. Aw shit, son. I kinda really hope that she's like Mel Fray or something. Whedon can do that, right? Crossover his own stuff?
5. Again with the 'aw May and Coulson are friends' thing. I'm having serious feelings about their bromance. Yes bromance. Shut up.

6. Yay, Simmons, you made me IRL lol. Or at least chuckle. Either I'm watching this ep in a better mood than last time, or this is a better ep already. I think I'm in a better mood. I feel more well disposed towards them all rn.
7. That is a toughie. The mag release and the safety catch thing. Panic and get the wrong one and you end up looking like McKay. Early on McKay, I mean. And Skye can't even do the save-the-world alien tech reprogramming thing that McKay can do. At least not yet. Alright. Maybe I'm not entirely well disposed towards everyone. Skye still rubs me up the wrong way a bit and I'm not sure why.
8. Hmmm. Still with the FitzSimmons thing. Though at least it's not to their faces this time.
9. Oooh. I'm blates on the side of the kickass diamond-stealing bad girl. I mean. Um. Yeah, sorry. [Amador Akela]
10. And now she's a rogue agent? I'm totally on board with this.

11. Coulson is also on my side, clearly. He does have a fondness for his Agents. He totally builds them into his family.
12. I'm still trying to figure out what her power is though. It's not just mind-reading, that wouldn't make a damn bit of sense considering the facts, it has to be more complex than that. She can read the future or see the truth or something.
13. Oh god. Does Papa Coulson have to turn this car right around, or are the children going to stop bickering?
14. Oh man, even Bland isn't doing too badly this ep. Mostly because he's hardly been in it, but I wish I hadn't laughed at him naming them 'Short Bus'. Especially as he's clearly just being mean to Fitz (and possibly Simmons too). (Except that the more the two of them bicker the tighter the goggles get and oh man, am I really shipping Ward and Fitz again? Ugh. Damn it brain. I am ashamed of you.)
15. Also I am ignoring how suits are always cheating and that Bland is clearly not playing fair.

16. Okay I am actually loling with Skye now because, yes, clearly lack of bathroom facilities is an emergency and oh god the water bottle does not bear thinking about if you are a lady. Also Simmons' wtf face is priceless. ...Also also the fact that Fitz thinks snacks are an emergency worth calling Ward with is making me even happier.
17. ...That IS your van you morons. OMG. *brb, loling too hard for coherence* (I did actually have to pause the show at this point to go and laugh for a bit, because they were being such idiots and I couldn't concentrate on what was actually happening.)
18. Aw man, Ward was right, this is the short bus.
19. Melinda May is not best pleased that all the kids are coming home with bruises. Oops. You really shouldn't make her mad. You won't like the consequences.
20. Man, I know some people whose eye squick is going to be throwing them well out of it right now. Me? Eh. I have other squicks much worse. Actually, I'm with Skye, it's hella interesting rather than hella creepy.

21. Ooh. Mommy and Daddy are arguing. Melinda May is not best pleased with her ducklings being hurt. And Coulson doesn't like leaving his ex-ducklings out in the cold. What a to-do.
22. And Skye is with me on the whole Mom and Dad thing. Good. Families of circumstance is like my favourite trope ever. I know it's cliched, but I do love me some of that. Plus I miss Hotch and Rossi being Mommy and Daddy. I need more of them being adorable with Jack in my life. Shut up.
23. And Mommy is in danger. And I like them both. Argh. I need for them all to fix this. COULSON IN THE NICK OF TIME!
24. Oh sweetheart, Papa Coulson will make it alright. *snuggles her*
25. Noooooooooo! Please don't start the Ward/Skye thing up already. I know it's going to happen, but urgh, not yet. Please? Otoh, Ward has tickly ears. I'm having love for that. For reasons.

26. Don't you think maybe calling in some kind of surgeon or doctor at least would be a better plan that getting your two tech-guys to remove Akela's robot eye? Coulson? Seriously?
27. Aw, poor Fitz and his eye-squick. Bad plan. Seriously bad plan.
28. And then I wanted to hide because of my squick. Except a break interrupted. This is going to be like when Dean had to talk Charlie through seducing that security guard isn't it? Oh god.
29. I have so many defects. The fact that I have no problem with a woman shoving a screwdriver or a needle into her own eyeball, but that I can't watch a dude embarrass himself to another dude is only the tip of the iceberg. I have embarrassment squick so bad. Urgh. I got through Mat Baynton taking off his shirt and dancing for the crazy Russian mobster in Wrong Mans, I can do this. *pained sigh*
30. Action! And yay, Fitz getting over his eye-squick. All the shinies. Clearly I find this show easiest to watch and not pass comment on when things are being asplodey and fast-paced.

31. Right. So it's a chain of worrying things. And that was definitely Chitauri script, wasn't it? Or am I going a bit strange? I'm fairly sure it was, but Coulson's all like 'it 'might' have been alien', so now I'm now sure anymore.
32. Arggggh, this whole thing is freaking me now. I just can't deal with the consequences of having it be not-Coulson. I mean, I know it's blatantly not Coulson, but gah. Too much pressure. And now Melinda May has more suspicions. *sadface*
33. Are we saying that Coulson the LMD is way more chill than RL!Coulson? Well that's depressing.
34. Foreboding! Again. So much foreboding from this show. They can't leave behind a Chekhov's Gun in every episode, no one needs that kind of armoury lying about the place. (And anyway, that way lies madness.)
35. And I am shipping again because they are playing poker and it makes me have happy even if it doesn't actually mean anything. And I lol because Fitz is fine with cheating but not with Skye seeing him in the altogether. My boy. *snerk* Seriously though, didn't the x-ray setting on those things basically show up like the twat-vision in Arkham Asylum? Teal skeletons abound?

Still no polls this week, unless you count the discussion over exactly how bad the eye squick was.

1. Coulson is badass. Yeah, obviously, but oh so beautifully demonstrating his Papa Bear tendencies in this ep.
2. Agent Ward aka Agent Bland aka Agent Smug, is beginning to look more and more like Clark Kent. Or possibly more and more like Dean Cain, I'm not sure. (Forget Christopher Reeve. He was our generation's Superman.)
3. The whole point of this ep was to introduce a technology capable of outing Coulson as an LMD, so does this mean he is or he isn't? What's happening?
4. The Vision Theory. Oh God. The Vision Theory. (How much more worrying is that going to be than if it's just LMDs?)
5. Apparently there are levels of eye squick. This registers low on the scale for me, but higher for some of my friends. I'm guessing S1E06 of Hannibal would actually cause vomiting and sheer bloody terror in them, since it even skeeved me a bit.

And I just want to point out that this has been my favourite episode so far. I dunno why, but yeah. I feel like it's starting to pick up the slack and ease into itself. Like it knows what it's doing. I trust it. So yay!


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